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Why Sheesham Furniture?

Sheesham furniture is made from sheesham wood, a hardwood, native to the Sub Indian Continent and Southern Iran. Sheesham can also be known as Dalbergia Sissoo, Shisham, Sissoo wood and Indian Rosewood.

Sheesham is primarily used for furniture as the wood seasons well and is less likely to warp or split. It reacts well to wax polish and lacquer, giving a smooth finish.

The natural grain in sheesham wood is unique with contrasting colours of pale, very light yellow/brown and warm darker honey brown tones mixed together.

The classic Indian furniture style for sheesham wood is the use of Jali ironwork. This is the typical metal work you will often see in sheesham furniture, with Jali doors and corner brackets being common uses.

Our Jali Sheesham range has the largest range of sheesham furniture we offer. The wax finish in the Jali range enhances and darkens the grain in the sheesham wood but all the contrasting colours in the grain are still very visible. You can view this range here Jali Sheesham Furniture

In more recent years, there has been a growing demand for contemporary designs in the sheesham wood. We currently have two ranges to meet this demand.

Our other sheesham range is the Cube Sheesham range. The cube furniture has a darker finish compared to the Jali and Satara pieces. This finish gives a more even, dark tone with the contrasting grain just visible beneath the finish. The lacquer on top gives a deep shine, enhanced with hand waxing. The cubed, straight edged designs and chrome handles complete each piece. You can view this range here Cube Sheesham Furniture